Applied methods in the theory of nonlinear oscillations by V. M. Starzhinskii

By V. M. Starzhinskii

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Prior to now 10 years, there were many foreign conferences at the garage of organs sooner than transplantation, and a number of other have ended in the booklet of court cases; there have additionally been a couple of different books in this subject-. almost all these courses have targeting sensible scientific elements of organ renovation and on empirical animal experiments directed in the direction of well-defined medical targets.

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A number of workers have studied the yield potential of hand-made single-cross hybrids in oilseed rape (B. napus). Heterosis for seed yield in F 1 hybrids up to 4070% has been frequently reported (Schuster 1969; Shelkudenko 1968; 1972; Schuster and Michael 1976; Shiga 1976; Lefort-Buson and Dattee 1982; 1985a; Semyk 1983; Grant and Beversdorf 1985; Lefort-Buson et al. 1987a). In the majority of these cases, heterosis was evaluated either over mid-parental values or over the betterperforming parent in the cross.

5% (Hodyrev 1967). In B. ). Olsson (1955) has reported wind as the main agent of pollination. The second school which favours insect pollination is represented by Williams (1978) and Eisikowitch (1981). It has been emphasized that only those pollen grains which are initially disturbed by insects may become truly air-borne. Mesquida et al. (1987) Evaluation of F 1 Hybrids 37 observed a decrease in seed production on the male sterile lines due to decreasing bee density. The crucial role of nectar production for bee foraging and seed set on male sterile plants was established.

This has resulted in a substantial reduction in the time required to develop new varieties. g. Maris Haplona). Haploidy might also aid in rapid development of multiple recessive stocks in B. napus (Henderson and Pauls 1992). Apart from their use in . the production of instant pure lines, the microspore selection system has several advantages over the somatic tissue selection system (Polsoni et al. 1988). These are: (1) rapid generation of large number of microsporederived embryos, (2) cost effectiveness in processing of large microspore populations, (3) direct conversion of microspore to embryo reduces the occurrence of cytogenetic anomalies common in callus systems, and (4) no masking effect of dominance.

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