Anything for a Vote by Joseph Cummins

By Joseph Cummins

A heritage of Mud-Slinging, personality Assassination, And different Election concepts  Today’s political pundits exhibit surprise and sadness whilst applicants lodge to destructive campaigning. yet background finds that smear campaigns are as American as apple pie. whatever for a Vote is an illustrated examine 200-plus years of soiled methods and undesirable habit in presidential elections, from George Washington to Barack Obama and John McCain. allow the name-calling commence!       •  1836: Congressman Davy Crockett accuses candidate Martin Van Buren of secretly wearing women’s garments: “He is laced up in corsets!”     •  1864: Presidential candidate George McClellan describes his opponent, Abraham Lincoln, as “nothing greater than a well-meaning baboon!”      •  1960: Former president Harry Truman advises electorate that “if you vote for Richard Nixon, you should visit hell!” Full of sleazy anecdotes from each presidential election in usa history, Anything for a Vote is a priceless reminder that background does repeat itself, that classes may be realized from the earlier (though and so they aren’t), and that our most famed presidents are usually not above reproach whilst it comes to the dirtiest video game of all—political campaigning.

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He didn’t like to make eye contact and his expression was generally dour; most portraits seem to capture him having just bitten into a lemon. Yet first impressions could be deceiving, for Little Jemmy was extremely bright, with an astute grasp of the problems that faced the nation. And, if he lacked Jefferson’s political charm and savvy, he did have another, quite valuable, asset: his wife, Dolley, who was seventeen years younger than he, beautiful, and vivacious—the Jackie Kennedy of her day. As for the Federalists, they brought back Charles Pinckney and Rufus King—the less-than-dynamic duo of 1804.

For the first thirty-five, the results were the same: eight states for Jefferson, six for Burr, two undecided—no winner. In the back rooms of taverns and the antechambers of the House, the behind-the-scenes maneuvering was intense. Federalists wooed Burr, but he wouldn’t agree to their agenda in exchange for a chance to become president. The deadlock continued. Finally, on February 17, a Federalist congressman from Delaware who opposed Jefferson abstained in the voting, as did Federalists from Maryland, Vermont, and South Carolina.

THE CAMPAIGN Clinton’s supporters presented themselves as the peace ticket, but they assured voters that, if Clinton were elected, he would still prosecute the war—only far more wisely than Madison (if you were paying attention in the election of 2004, this line of thinking ought to sound familiar). Clinton’s supporters called the sitting president “a base wretch … who is for WAR,” attempting to pound the drum of popular indignation. But since the war against Great Britain had plenty of supporters, the ploy was unsuccessful.

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