An integrated theory of autosegmental processes by Rochelle Lieber

By Rochelle Lieber

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2 Duplication of Features I argued above that we must allow free duplication of features on different tiers and that the DFF would provide sufficient restriction to rule out unwanted representations. In effect, free duplication of features can result in at least two distinct sorts of configurations. First, and most obvious, a language could conceivably have two (or more) Projection Statements which mention the same feature or features. This occurrence would result in representations like those in (32): 15 (32) a.

In other words, the existence of a play language like Ge-De implies that speakers of French can make use of the two-tiered phonological core. But if French lacks any of the regular autosegmental processes, these speakers receive no direct evidence for the two-tiered structure in the course of language acquisition. If they are nevertheless using such a structure in a language game, the only alternative is to say that it is innate, hence universal. 13 Let us say, then, that each language L projects at least melody and skeleton tiers (Tm and Ts, respectively) and may in addition project other tiers.

The former proposal is relatively uncontroversial; it is what autosegmental theories seem to have assumed all along. An interesting but still open question is whether the melody tier has any internal organization of its own. Steriade (1982) has proposed, for example, that this tier be divided into two subtiers corresponding to traditional notions of 'place of articulation' and 'manner of articulation'. Some support for this notion comes from a variable fast speech rule applied by speakers of Venezuelan Spanish (Gonzalez 1982).

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