Alpha Architecture Reference Manual by Alpha Architecture Committee, Richard T. Witek

By Alpha Architecture Committee, Richard T. Witek

This can be the authoritative reference on electronic gear Corporation's new 64-bit RISC Alpha structure. Written through the designers of the interior electronic requirements, this ebook comprises whole descriptions of the typical structure required for all implementations and the interfaces required to help the OSF/1 and OpenVMS working systems.

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Ab) ÎMemory format Operation: va <- {Rbv + SEXT(disp)} IF lock_flag EQ 1 THEN (va)<31:0> «- Rav<31:0> ( va ) «— Rav Ra <— lock__flag lock_flag <- 0 ! STQ C Exceptions: Access Violation F a u l t on Write Alignment T r a n s l a t i o n N o t Valid Instruction mnemonics: STL_C Store Longword from Register to Memory Conditional STQ_C Store Q u a d w o r d from Register to Memory Conditional Qualifiers: None Description: T h e v i r t u a l a d d r e s s is computed by a d d i n g register Rb to t h e sign-extended 16-bit displacement.

The F a field specifies a source operand. Symbolically, t h e F a v o p e r a n d is formed as follows: IF inst<25:21> EQ 31 THEN Fav <— 0 ELSE Fav <— Fa END The F b field specifies a source operand. Symbolically, t h e Fbv o p e r a n d is formed as follows: IF inst<20:16> EQ 31 THEN Fbv <- 0 ELSE Fbv «- Fb END NOTE N e i t h e r F a nor F b can be a literal in Floating-point O p e r a t e instructions. The Fc field specifies a destination operand. 1 Floating-Point Convert Instructions Floating-point Convert instructions u s e a subset of t h e Floating-point O p e r a t e format a n d perform register-to-register conversion operations.

3 Instruction Formats T h e r e a r e five basic Alpha instruction formats: • Memory • Branch • Operate • Floating-point O p e r a t e • PALcode All instruction formats a r e 32 bits long with a 6-bit major opcode field in bits <31:26> of t h e instruction. Any u n u s e d register field (Ra, Rb, Fa, Fb) of a n instruction m u s t b e set to a v a l u e of 3 1 . 3-8 Common Architecture (I) SOFTWARE NOTE T h e r e a r e several instructions, each formatted a s a m e m o r y instruction, t h a t do not u s e t h e R a and/or Rb fields.

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