Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics - For Engineering and by Sudhakar Nair

By Sudhakar Nair

This e-book is perfect for engineering, actual technological know-how, and utilized arithmetic scholars and execs who are looking to increase their mathematical wisdom. complex themes in utilized arithmetic covers 4 crucial utilized arithmetic themes: Green's features, critical equations, Fourier transforms, and Laplace transforms. additionally incorporated is an invaluable dialogue of themes equivalent to the Wiener-Hopf process, Finite Hilbert transforms, Cagniard-De Hoop technique, and the right kind orthogonal decomposition. This booklet displays Sudhakar Nair's lengthy school room adventure and contains a variety of examples of differential and indispensable equations from engineering and physics to demonstrate the answer systems. The textual content comprises workout units on the finish of every bankruptcy and a recommendations guide, that's to be had for teachers.

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Solve the eigenvalue problems, Lu = λu, L∗ v = λv, and show that their eigenfunctions are bi-orthogonal. 18 By solving the nonhomogeneous problem u = δ (x − ξ ), u(0) = 0, where δ (x) = |x| > , |x| < , 0, 1 2 u(1) = 0, , in three parts: (a) 0 < x < ξ − , (b) ξ − < x < ξ + , and (c) ξ + < x < 1, show that, in the limit → 0, we recover the Green’s function. 19 Expanding x(ξ − 1), x < ξ , g(x, ξ ) = ξ(x − 1), x > ξ , √ in terms of un = 2 sin nπx as a Fourier series, show that g(x, ξ ) = n=1 un (x)un (ξ ) , λn λn = −π 2 n2 .

179) ∂x2 ∂y2 Using separation of variable, we represent umn as umn (x, y) = Xm (x)Yn (y). 180) Substituting this in the Laplace equation and dividing everything by Xm Yn , we get Xm Yn + = λmn . 181) X m Yn 33 Green’s Functions Let Xm = −µ2m , Xm Yn = −νn2 , Yn λmn = −(µ2m + νn2 ). 182) Solutions of these equations with Xm (±a) = 0 and Yn (±b) = 0 are Xm = sin mπx/a, Yn = sin nπy/b; µm = mπ/a, νn = nπ/b. 183) By integrating these functions over their respective intervals, we can make their norms unity if we scale these as 1 mπ x Xm = √ sin , a a 1 nπy Yn = √ sin .

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