Adbusters, Issue 119: Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 2

AB119: Manifesto for global Revolution, half 2
(May/June 2015)

Adbusters #119 is our moment 160-page bombshell and the second one bankruptcy in our Manifesto for global Revolution sequence. right here, we holiday the shackles that experience held again the environmental move for a lot too long.

In half 2, we make a journey to a water hindrance in a single of the world’s megacities, learn a destiny with no Homo Sapiens and delve into skill and purposes for resistance. What occurs if we fail to behave now?

Award-winning essayist and writer Charles C. Mann explores the nation of our species.
student Bron Taylor asks: Do the ends justify the means?
John Michael Greer formulates a brand new future.
Clive Hamilton considers goals of escape.
Is there whatever left of yank democracy?
We take the 1st steps within the #BillionPeopleMarch.

In this sequence we’re blurring the road among notion and wrestle. We’re preparing for #worldrevolution: leaders needs to convey us a weather accord now, otherwise … face worldwide progressive fervor.

Come alongside for the trip.

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