47 Easy-to-Do Classic Science Experiments by Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

By Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

Simple yet relaxing experiments, played with universal home items, train children ideas of sunshine, elasticity, viewpoint, gravity, air strain, optics, extra. directions, illustrations.

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By spinning the top quickly the colors on the disks will combine with one another and blend into a single color. Newton’s Rings Have you ever noticed the rings of color floating in a patch of oil-covered water in a puddle on the road? The colored rings can also be observed in soap bubbles when light falls on their thin films. ” Newton discovered that the soap-bubble film acts as a prism. When light passes through a prism, it separates into the full range of different wavelengths that we perceive as the different colors.

Blow vigorously into it. With a little practice and good lungs, you should be able to get the egg to jump out of the cup. You might even be able to get it to land in the second cup! Air Glue Air pressure is responsible for many “scientific tricks,” such as the one illustrated below. You can make a quarter stick to wood without using glue, tape or any other adhesive. How to Stick a Quarter to Wood with Air MATERIALS quarter wood side of a piece of furniture or a door KEY TERMS Air pressure: Pressure caused by the weight of the air at the top of the atmosphere as it presses down upon the air beneath it.

MOTORIZED PAPER FISH PATTERN Carefully place the paper fish on the surface of the water in the bowl. Place a drop of oil or detergent in the hole in the center of the fish. The detergent or oil will lower the surface tension of the water in this hole. In a few seconds, the fish will begin to move across the water, propelled by the oil or detergent. The oil or detergent will slowly begin to spread out across the surface of the water in a thin film. Its flow is powerful enough to act as a jet and propel the fish across the water without its being touched or pushed.

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